We Are Water

Composed by Limpet Space Race We Are Water is the second in a series of new electro-orchestral compositions that meld OSJ’s strings with researchers’ field recordings and the band’s experimental, DIY electronics, creating vivid and moving soundscapes that raise awareness about one of our greatest challenges of the 21st century.

We Are Water is a creative exploration of the sounds and science of water security.

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Directed by OSJ’s Associate Conductor, Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey, We Are Water draws on the research of water scientist Dr Catherine Grasham who leads social science research in the Awash River Basin in Ethiopia for REACH: Improving Water Security for the Poor, an international initiative led by the University of Oxford.

Designed for 2020’s unique pandemic environment, musicians will record the new work in a socially distanced manner, and a full music video will be premiered later on this summer.

We Are Water flows on from the successful premiere of Earth Flow, also written by Limpet Space Race for OSJ and premiered by OSJ and conductor Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey at the Ashmolean Museum in May 2019. Earth Flow was a collaboration with Himalayas to Ocean and the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford. Earth Flow will also be recorded later this summer as part of our Covid-19 We Are Water recording project. 

Stay tuned for the online premiere later this summer!

Get Involved!

   Contribute YOUR Recordings of Water to the Composition by 26 July! *Join us for the Online Premiere!

Hear from the Composers and Musicians about the Artistic Process * Explore Educational Resources for Kids and Adults

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Contribute to the Music by sending us your recordings of Water

Send in Recordings by 26 July!

Record sounds of water on your phone anywhere that you hear them.

Limpet Space Race will receive your water sounds and incorporate them into the new composition!

1. Use your phone voice memos function to record sounds of water (up to 20 seconds)

2. Text the voice memo to: 07543 589561, or upload from your computer to this Dropbox link.

3. Include in the text:

*the location of the recording * date of the recording * source of the recording * your first name and age (optional!)

We will credit recordings whenever we can.

Questions? Email cayenna@osj.org.uk.

Hear from the Composers and Musicians about the Artistic Process!

Watch this space for interviews with the creative team and the musicians of OSJ!

At the end of July, OSJ will be coming together to record the new piece.

Find out what it’s like to record new music in the time of Covid-19.

Get a glimpse inside the composition process from Hannah Jacobs and Nicholas O’Brien (Limpet Space Race).

In this short educational video (for all ages!) Dr Catherine Grasham explains what water security is and how people experience it differently across the globe.

Dr Grasham leads the social science research in the Awash River Basin in Ethiopia for ‘REACH’, a  global research programme to improve water security for millions of poor people in Asia and Africa, led by the University of Oxford.

More Educational Resources to Explore!

What is a Water Footprint?

The water footprint measures the amount of water used to produce each of the goods and services we use.

The Water Footprint Network explains why it’s important to know our water footprint and provides interactive tools to explore how much water it takes to grow or make individual products and calculate our own individual water footprint.

For example, did you know that every individual banana costs an average of 160litres of water to produce?

Who has Access to Clean Water?

Did you know that…

1 in 10 people around the globe do not have access to clean water.

2 in 5 people lack hand washing facilities at home.

Learn more at WaterAid.org/uk

Podcast with Dr Catherine Grasham

on Water Security in Ethiopia

Dr Catherine Grasham in conversation with Associate Conductor, Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey. Discussing what it means to be a social scientist working on water security in East Africa.

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OSJ and Limpet Space Race would especially like to thank OVADA for the use of their wonderful warehouse for the recording of We Are Water on 23 July 2020!