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Earth Flow recording released!

Earth Flow has been released!

Composed by Limpet Space Race (Hannah Jacobs and Nicholas O’Brien), Earth Flow is the first in a series of new electro-orchestral compositions that meld OSJ’s string with researchers’ field recordings and the band’s experimental DIY electronics, creating vivid and moving soundscapes that raise awareness about global water security. Earth Flow is a collaboration with research documentary project Himalayas To Ocean, exploring themes of erosion, landslides and climate change.

  • Read more about the composition of Earth Flow online at Headphone Commute.
  • Stay tuned for the release of the second in the series later in October which incorporates the water recordings submitted by you! Find out more about OSJ’s We Are Water commissioning project on our website.

It was recorded and filmed with Limpet Space Race and the Orchestra of St John’s conducted by Associate Conductor, Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey, at a socially-distanced session, July 2020 at the OVADA Warehouse in Oxford, England.

You can purchase a recording of the piece here.

Watch and listen to the new piece!

Electronics, synths and field recordings – Limpet Space Race
Orchestra of St John’s:
Conductor – Cayenna Ponchione
Violin – Jan Schmolck, Richard Milone, Rebecca Scott, Jessica O’Leary, Gregory Warren Wilson, Jake Rea
Viola – Christopher Pitsillides, Rachel Byrt, Emma Sheppard
Cello – John Heley, David Bucknall
Double bass – Lynda Houghton

Toby Young

Sound Engineers
Mike Hill and Upcycled Sounds

Siobhán Cox and Ross Harrison

Video Director and Editor
Ross Harrison

Lighting Engineer
Paul Allen

Set Designer
Samantha Taylor

Siobhán Cox

Special Thanks
Graeme Bailey, Alice Barron, Alice Chautard, John Lubbock, Cara Powell, Steph West and Oli Whitworth.

Supported by
OVADA Gallery, Sonnox, DPA Microphones, Bubblebee Industries, RME, Arts Council England, Himalayas to Ocean, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford Culture Fund and Fusion Arts.





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