MfA workshops introduce young people with autism to world-class classical music in an environment designed to make them feel comfortable. For many young people Music for Autism workshops provide a rare opportunity to experience live music, to meet musicians and see instruments being played. Music for Autism (MfA) delivers an innovative programme of 70 workshops per year for special educational needs schools throughout the UK. MfA workshops are held in school halls and other accessible, familiar spaces. Participants are encouraged to respond to the music through spontaneous dance and movement throughout performances.

Since the start of the charity we have played to 130,000 children and their parents,teachers or carers

New – Steve and Jo’s Music workshops online – Summer 2020

Click on this YouTube link to access the workshops.

Workshops:1 – Pitch with Steve
2 – Pitch with Jo
3 – Rhythm and Tempo with Steve
4 – Rhythm and Tempo with Jo
5 – Dynamics with Steve
6 – Dynamics with Jo
7 – Texture and Timbre with Steve
8 – Texture and Timbre with Jo
9 – A Trip Round the World with Steve
10 – A Trip Round the World with Jo

Note to teachers/parents/carers:
The workshops are between 30 and 35 minutes long and can be used as one off sessions or preferably worked through in order. They are aimed at students attending Special Schools, predominantly middle ability; however we hope that there will be something for everyone! We also hope that there will be ideas here that Special School staff can build and expand on in subsequent lessons at school.

New – Steve and Jo’s Early Years Music Workshops – Summer 2020

It would be great if you could bring along some percussion (or makeshift percussion) instruments to each workshop. Please also see other useful resources below:

  • In the Woods with Jo

Useful resources: This session will mostly be focused on animals and involves plenty of actions; so if you have any animal puppets, toys or instruments, do bring them along! Green material to represent frogs or trees could also be useful.

  • On the Farm with Steve

Useful resources: We are particularly looking at farm animal sounds, so it would be great to have a range of toy animals/pictures to refer to. Animals we’ll be referring to include – a duck, dog, cat, sheep, cow, hen, pig, hare, hedgehog and kestrel. We will also be doing a counting song, so it would great if you could make/draw animals we could count; specifically – 1 brown cow, 2 red hens, 3 pink pigs, 4 white sheep and 5 yellow chicks!

  • The Sea with Jo

Useful resources: It would be great to have some shakers/home-made shakers – aiming for anything that sounds like the sea! Sea coloured scarves/material of some kind would also be useful.

  • Tidying up the Beach with Steve

Useful resources: As The Sea with Jo, but we are tidying up, so a clean bin we can collect the rubbish in (and make some sounds with) would also be good; along with some clean rubbish to collect – like crisp packets, paper, bottles etc.

Note to teachers/parents/carers:

The workshops are between 15 and 20 minutes long. They are aimed at young children with a range of need and their parents/carers/teachers. We hope that there may be ideas here that can be expanded on afterwards!

Click on this youtube link to access the workshops.