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New release – Steve and Jo’s Music for Autism online workshops

Our first feedback from the Early Years teacher at Reynalds’s Cross School……
“What a fab series! Those sessions are lovely. I think parents would love them”

Steve Harper and Jo May have produced ten new Music for Autism online videos.

The workshops are aimed at students attending Special Schools, predominantly middle ability; however we hope that there will be something for everyone! We also hope that there will be ideas here that Special School staff can build and expand on in subsequent lessons at school.

The workshops are between 30 and 35 minutes long and can be used as one off sessions or preferably worked through in order.

Click on this YouTube link to access the workshops.


1 – Pitch with Steve
2 – Pitch with Jo
3 – Rhythm and Tempo with Steve
4 – Rhythm and Tempo with Jo
5 – Dynamics with Steve
6 – Dynamics with Jo
7 – Texture and Timbre with Steve
8 – Texture and Timbre with Jo
9 – A Trip Round the World with Steve
10 – A Trip Round the World with Jo

We will also have a series for Early Years. See the first one here.

Read more about our Music for Autism work here.

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