Simply Majestic – Grieg and Rachmaninov at Dorchester Abbey – Orchestra of St John's | Taking classical music out into the community

Simply Majestic – Grieg and Rachmaninov at Dorchester Abbey

As a long-term resident of Dorchester, I’ve had the good fortune to be able to enjoy so many wonderful OSJ performances, here and elsewhere.  Tonight was simply majestic, full of goose-bumpy, breath-holding transports of ecstasy.  At the end I commented to the person beside me that that was as good as I’ve ever heard the OSJ.  Then you paid (richly deserved) tribute to the heroic, masterful musicianship of your colleagues – and we found out that a mere two hours’ rehearsal produced tonight’s transcendent, generous evening of musical brilliance.  You and the OSJ stand alone.  We are so lucky to have you.  Thank you – and long may you continue.

David Gentleman, 11 March

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