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Reviews: My Music with Joanna Lumley

Some great reviews from the lovely Audience Club attendees:

What a fabulous way to spend a lunchtime at SJSS. I thoroughly enjoyed Joanna Lumley in conversation with Paul Blezard about her musical favourites and influences. She was funny, warm and intelligent & I could have listened to her for hours. Her musical choices were played and sung exquisitely by Maki Sekiya, the Orchestra of St John’s and Hannah Davey.

A great format and with the audience so close to the stage, it felt like I was personally in conversation with Joanna. Hard to beat at another venue.


What a wonderful experience – the venue, the orchestra, the soloists and the music, and not least Joanna Lumley herself. Really enjoyed listening to her talk about her childhood memories of music as she is naturally funny and very entertaining. My only criticism is that it was not long enough.

This was a really lovely concert in which Paul Blezard interviewed Joanna Lumley and chatted to her about the music she had chosen to be played.the hour passed all too fast listening to six different pieces of music from jazz to classical and including piano, orchestral and song Joanna was quick witted and very entertaining and the venue a hidden gem near Westminster .

The location was fantastic, and the music was beautiful (particularly the soprano, who was outstanding). However, most of all, Joanna Lumley was everything that you could have hoped for – charming, witty, self-deprecating. Overall, a wonderful concert!

First time in this lovely venue. So privileged to be able to listen to the fabulous Joanna Lumley discuss why certain music pieces were so special to her. Beguiling as usual, I didn’t want it to end.

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