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My Music with Alan Titchmarsh

Yet another great lunchtime event at Wigmore Hall!  Alan Titchmarsh and Paul Blezard entertained between the musical elements of our most recent concert from our My Music series.

Yet another hugely enjoyable instalment in this excellent series. Alan Titchmarsh proved to be a very likeable guest and the Orchestra of St John’s, under the baton of the indefatigable John Lubbock, made a fine job of playing some major orchestral items with only 13 players. 5/5

It was a lovely programme wish it was longer. Violinist perfect 5/5

A wonderful collection of classical music chosen by Alan Titchmarsh. His favourite The Lark Ascending played by the St John’s orchestra bought tears to his eyes. It was a very pleasant and moving lunchtime. 5/5

Good conversation and beautiful music . A very enjoyable event in a perfect venue. The staff were extremely helpful and I look forward to attending future events. 5/5

A miserable day weather wise but what a pleasure it was to be carried away with such beautiful music. It is always a pleasure to visit Wigmore Hall. 5/5

It was a shame that there wasn’t more time to hear Alan Titchmarsh’s stories, but what a fantastic music selection, with a special mention for the solo violin in “Lark Ascending” – beautifully played. The staff were particularly friendly and helpful, what a great venue. 5/5

These concerts are such a joy, unpretentious with a relaxed feel. There are no big egos, just a genuine love of classical music from both guests interviewer and orchestra…a real treat. 5/5

Alan Titchmarsh was amusing & personable as ever . We enjoyed his choice of music beautifully played by the Orchestra of St John. 5/5

Excellent venue and format – I am looking forward to seeing key guests in 2020.
The orchestra were also very good. A wonderful way to spend an hour over lunchtime. 5/5

What a wonderful event! Alan Titchmarsh entertainingly chatted about his favourite pieces of music which were then played so beautifully by the orchestra. Wow, so moving and uplifting on a Thursday lunchtime. Thank you. 5/5

I really enjoy the hour concerts at Wigmore Hall. This one especially as Alan Titchmarsh very interesting and his choice of music wonderful. A shame they can’t go on longer, as they assume for lunchtime workers, but actually full of Retirees haha. 5/5

This is such an enjoyable series and a delight to hear Alan Titchmarsh talk about his life as well as his choice of music which resulted in a most enjoyable concert – beautifully played as always by The Orchestra of Saint Johns. The solo violinist gave the most moving performance in the lark ascending. The rose adagio is a beautiful piece of music well selected and made more interesting by finding out that Mr Titchmarsh’s wife was a dancer. My only comment is that it would’ve been nice to have a little bit more time for the interview although I do realise that fundamentally this is an orchestral concert. 5/5

This was my second visit to a My Music event at the Wigmore Hall and I wasn’t disappointed. This time there was far less chat and far more music so It was more like attending a concert. Perhaps I would have liked to hear more from Alan Titchmarsh but the music was stunning. In all a thoroughly enjoyable experience and would love to go again should the opportunity arise. 5/5

A extremely enjoyable concert, with 1st class musicians. With the added entertaining interview Alan Titchmarsh. The venue was ideal for this type of concert. 5/5

What an enjoyable hour or so. Alan Titchmarsh was charming and interesting and we both wished we could have heard a little more from him. He chose a wonderful selection of music which was played so marvellously by The Orchestra of Saint John’s. Jan Schmolck’s playing in The Lark Ascending was both magical and moving. A delight from start to finish. 5/5

The music played by the St John’s Orchestra was superb, the violinist Jan Schmolck who played a solo in The ark Ascending was breathtaking. Alan Titchmarsh came across as a warm, intelligent man who has a real feel for classical music. I have always been a fan. An excellent lunchtime concert. 5/5

A selection of favourite classical music pieces chosen by Alan Titchmarsh and performed by the orchestra of St. John’s in the wonderful acoustics of the Wigmore Hall. They were popular choices but I had never previously heard two of them in their entirety. The Orchestra (of 13 players I think) were superb and the discussion between Alan Titchmarsh and interviewer Paul Blezard was light and anecdotal. A perfect lunchtime performance in a welcoming venue. 5/5

This was a most enjoyable concert. Excellent presentation, and Alan Titchmarsh was charming. The orchestra, as ever, was a delight and the violin playing in the Lark Ascending was sublime. 5/5

Wonderful afternoon , Alan Titchmarsh on great form, really friendly and informative. Fantastic music, magnificently played. Amazing venue. 5/5

Excellent music, excellent interviewer and lovely AlanTitchmarsh. A delightful hour at Wigmore Hall. 5/5

Lovely way to spend a hour on rainy afternoon listening to great music and chat Alan Titchmarsh was very entertaining and interesting. 5/5

A very enjoyable concert and some lovely music. It would have been nice if we could have heard a little more from Alan Titchmarsh. 5/5

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