Music for Everyone

With a focus on those with autism, dementia and learning difficulties

In partnership with Music for Autism, every year OSJ orchestra members perform for hundreds of people who live with autism spectrum disorders, learning difficulties and dementia in care homes, schools and in public spaces throughout Oxfordshire and the UK. At these informal performances attendees are encourage to respond to the music making in whatever way they choose including moving, singing, clapping, dancing and even conducting the ensemble. From carers reports and the increasing demand it is clear that these engagements are invaluable to carers and their patients, the outcomes of which can be as simple (and yet remarkable) as a hour’s reprise from continuous struggle to transformative moments, as new windows and pathways to ‘being’ and communication are opened for individuals.

Despite these testaments and growing research in the field of music and autism, more research is needed to document the effects of these interactions. Building on the success of our model, we aim to increase in engagements at special schools and care homes throughout Oxfordshire and partner with students in music psychology research to explore new avenues for understanding the outcomes of this work.